Colorado Highlights

By emith | June 24th, 2009

“Here is the church and here is the steeple.

Open the doors, but where are the people?

Around the corner, there is a bar.

Open the doors, and there they all are.”

Introducing…the Revolution Brewery in Paonia…

Revolution Brewery

Revolution Brewery, in a former church in Paonia!

Check out the mass o’ snow in Snowmass in June:

Mass of Snow in Snowmass in June

Mass of Snow in Snowmass in June

Portapotties with a View

Portapotties with a View!

Portapotties with a View!

Backstage with moe. and Particle

Crazy Chili Pepper guys

Those Crazy Chili Pepper Guys

Those Crazy Chili Pepper Guys

Also got to see the debut of Zach and Patricia Fought-Mann’s new play, written 25 years ago, that reads like it was written yesterday.  Zach was quoted in the Delta County Independent as saying: “On our last night in the mission, we met a gentleman who had been a fourth generation Nebraska farmer right up until his place had been foreclosed upon just weeks before. Realizing that my car had rolled its last inch, I helped him siphon my tank of gas for which he gave me a pack of cigarettes and the subject matter for this saga.”  Read the rest of the article

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