New pics from various shows and places

By emith | October 2nd, 2009

Well, sorry for the grainy nature of some of these, we ended up with a camera setting after fiddling around with something, that should just be called the “bad camera setting”.  So it goes…

emith at farmers market

emith at farmers market

The Beatles Jam in the North Texas Venues Room at SWRFA

Rocking Out at the Beatles Jam

Rocking Out at the Beatles Jam

Butch and Stevie rocking out at the Beatles Jam

Butch and Stevie Rockin' Out

Butch and Stevie Rockin

More Beatles Jam…check out the look on Stevie’s face!!

Life could be worse…tunes by the pool…

Poolside Open Mic

Poolside Open Mic


Sunset in Austin

Sunset in Austin


More from the Land of Many Colors

By emith | July 31st, 2009

More from the land of many colors…

Colorado Tour Map

Colorado Tour Map

Check out this picture (reprinted with permission from the Free Daily Observer)- a pretty funny local summation of traveling around those parts (items of interest include the location of where “Bigfoot, Elvis, and JFK play poker - but not together, Bigfoot cheats!” and where the “Black Helicopters are hovering and stomachs are fluttering,” warnings about “Knuckleheads driving like tourists!”, and the numerous locations at which one must be alert for abominable snowmen herding elk. Oh, also, kids, traffic and construction. Welcome to Paonia!

11200 ft of pickin' & singin'

11200 ft of pickin & grinnin

Playing at 11,200 ft. at the top of Aspen Mountain in Colorado.  Afterwards we discovered that if we had been 800 feet higher, and in an airplane, the oxygen masks would have dropped out of the ceiling.  Go figure.  Talk about “Rocky Mountain High.”  That, and the fact that despite 70+ sunblock, we still managed to collect some rays.  But, hey, oxygen deprivation is a recreational sport, right?

Stevie on his first Gondola ride

Stevie on his first Gondola ride

Stevie on his first Gondola ride…heading up to the top of Aspen Mountain for the afternoon show…

emith at the top of Aspen Mountain

emith at the top of Aspen Mountain

Stevie at the top of Aspen Moutain

Stevie at the top of Aspen Moutain

Stevie at Independence Pass

Stevie at Independence Pass

Stevie at, you guessed it, the top of Independence Pass.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRIVE THIS ROAD IN A TRAILER OR RV!  This makes James Bond roads look like high school driving class…uni-directional bits with no guardrails…awesome.  But well worth the drive if you’re low on your monthly white-knuckle quota.

Summer in Colorado

Summer in Colorado

Oh so bucolic. “Click here to visit the Colorado Department of Tourism, folks.”

More of the same.  Boring.  :P

More of the same. Boring. :P

No, we’re not paid by the Colorado Department of Tourism.  Maybe we should be?

Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High

They made us take these pictures.  Really.

Summer in the Rockies

Summer in the Rockies

That’s right folks, click to book your trip to Colorado right now…

Carol at the Live@Lunch show at KRFC

Carol at the Live@Lunch show at KRFC

KRFC is a great community radio station in a great community (Fort Collins, CO).  Here we are doing the Live@Lunch series.  Thankfully the camera doesn’t show pictures of C gurgling through her water bottle on the air.

emith doing the Live@Lunch show at KRFC

emith doing the Live@Lunch show at KRFC

Colorado Highlights

By emith | June 24th, 2009

“Here is the church and here is the steeple.

Open the doors, but where are the people?

Around the corner, there is a bar.

Open the doors, and there they all are.”

Introducing…the Revolution Brewery in Paonia…

Revolution Brewery

Revolution Brewery, in a former church in Paonia!

Check out the mass o’ snow in Snowmass in June:

Mass of Snow in Snowmass in June

Mass of Snow in Snowmass in June

Portapotties with a View

Portapotties with a View!

Portapotties with a View!

Backstage with moe. and Particle

Crazy Chili Pepper guys

Those Crazy Chili Pepper Guys

Those Crazy Chili Pepper Guys

Also got to see the debut of Zach and Patricia Fought-Mann’s new play, written 25 years ago, that reads like it was written yesterday.  Zach was quoted in the Delta County Independent as saying: “On our last night in the mission, we met a gentleman who had been a fourth generation Nebraska farmer right up until his place had been foreclosed upon just weeks before. Realizing that my car had rolled its last inch, I helped him siphon my tank of gas for which he gave me a pack of cigarettes and the subject matter for this saga.”  Read the rest of the article

some fun recent gigs

By emith | May 26th, 2009

some fun recent gigs

Los Osos, CA

We also played as a trio with John Goux on electric guitar at a lovely little local establishment called the Sweet Springs Saloon in Los Osos, CA, opening for John’s nephew’s band, the Wadsworth Bluff Rats (we would give you a website and all that but they don’t have it up, or a finished recording yet - but they are great, so keep your ears and eyes out!).

If you’ve never been up that way from LA (or down that way from SF), the central coast area is quite lovely and definitely worth a leisurely drive. Just don’t mind the siren warning signs in the vista point parking lots…(We thought they were designed for tsunami warnings, but no, in fact they’re designed to let you know you’ve just been fatally irradiated from the nearby nuclear plant, woo hoo.)

The highlight of the evening was being asked to autograph…no, not a photograph…no, not a CD…not, not someone’s cast (although a cast was indeed present that evening, on the leg of the lead singer of the Wadsworth folks)…no, wait for it…Ashley’s homework. Yes, Ashley, if you are reading this now and your teacher doesn’t believe you…here it is, your proof.  Ashley’s teacher has had the fine inspiration of requiring his or her students to obtain the oh-so-visceral experience of music rendered in the wild, in its natural habitat, down at the watering hole. All hail Ashley’s teacher.  Your local touring band (yes, the oxymorons) thanks you for your support :).

Home Sweet Studio City Home, CA

The next day, we played as a trio again, this time with our friend and drummer/percussionist Wendysue Rosloff. Continuing the trend of excellence, Wendysue’s been around and about and played with lots of assorted folks as well. However, this particular gig, at the Oyster House in LA, was a night straight out of a “Saturday Night Live” skit. We get there, and a couple has just started to eat dinner in the exact spot where we would be setting up to play. So we have to wait a while. Finally the couple leaves, and we hustle to get the sound system set up. Everything plugged in, ready to go, start to sound check…and nothing. Unplug, replug, twiddle knobs, change cords, hit reset buttons…nothing. Stevie starts freaking out that he’s managed to blow both speakers at once on the last gig, while simultaneously grumbling that that’s basically impossible. It’s all very strange as power is clearly going to the speakers, indicated by the blue power light, but no sound is coming out. The bartender, seeing we’re having trouble, casually asks if we’d like to plug in behind the bar. No, no, we’ve got power to the speakers, it can’t be that. Stevie breaks out screwdriver and starts twiddling with anything that can move. Other bartender swings by, also casually references the plug behind the bar on his way by. At about this time, Wendysue arrives and starts loading in the drums. She puts them right in the middle of where Stevie’s trying to re-run all the cords, and he gets all agitated and starts to lose it. Right at about this time, a fellow musician who’s played at the club comes by, takes one look at the outlet in the corner where Stevie’s put the speaker power cords, and says “you didn’t plug it in THERE, did you?” Bizarrely, apparently there’s some strange voltage issue with this particular outlet, that allows it to provide the appropriate amount of power to make the blue LEDs work, but not the appropriate amount of power to make the speakers work.

So, we get things straightened out, and start playing. Naturally, we’re now late starting the gig, so we’re getting the evil eye from management. The first set goes well, despite the fact that we’re throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Wendysue, including lots of stuff we hadn’t prepared her for at all. Still, we’re all amped up from the long drive back and the near disaster with the sound system, so we played what were probably the fastest versions ever played of some of the songs in our set…almost as fast as C’s old punk band she used to play in… By the second set, it’s getting kind of late, and most of the folks left are pretty deep into their food and/or their cups, and not paying a whole lot of attention. Wendysue breaks out a heartbreakingly beautiful Latin tune and changes the lyrics in the middle to “I peed on the floor” just to see if anyone is listening. Carol is listening, and nearly pees on the floor herself. After that, the gloves are really off, and we start playing some of the most ridiculous, funny, off-the-wall songs and versions of songs we’ve ever done (among them, a half-baked a capella version of “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish” (from the movie “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, including mismatched and misheard lyrics)…yeah, guess you had to be there…but there will be more, come again in July…

upcoming show dates

By emith | February 8th, 2009

Well, we had to cancel the Cava in Capitola last weekend due to a case of the sniffles that quickly progressed to a full-blown chest nasty thing.  But we are almost back to 100% normal functioning.

Next up on the calendar is the Climate Theater in San Francisco, Wednesday Feb 11.  This one looks really cool.  It’s on a Wednesday night but it’s an early, safe-for-school-nights type o’ gig.  So if you are around, come on out.  Read more about the series here:  Here’s the detailed gig info:

Next up after that is our annual pilgrimage to the North American Folk Alliance conference, Feb. 18-22, in Memphis, TN.  We have a formal showcase there on Friday night this year.  See for that showcase and all the others we have scheduled for the conference.  Let us know if you’ll be there!

Sadly, the Barn Concerts in Gilroy, CA, originally scheduled for March 21, had to be cancelled.  Neighbors apparently are under the delusion that house concerts are profit-making enterprises.  Ha.  Ha ha ha.  Hahahahaha.  That would be funny if it weren’t so depressing.

After that, we’re in scheduling mode.  Looking at shows in LA and Philly and possibly another in SF.  We’re also taking requests on that front… :)

emith on the radio

By emith | February 8th, 2009

Lotsa stuff happenin’ in emithland on the radio front.

Did a radio show last weekend at KPIG, which was interesting…Carol Ann had absolutely no voice due to being attacked by a surprise ending of what had seemed to be a minor case of sniffles and evolved into a week of laryngitis.  Fun.  Met Amy Ray and Flowmotion though, very cool.  (just for a refresher, Amy is one half of the Indigo Girls).

In other radio news, we’re apparently being broadcast in the following locations, which is pretty darn exciting:

Decatur, AL (WALW)

Los Angeles, CA (KPFK)
Santa Rosa, CA (KRSH)
South Lake Tahoe, CA (KRLT)

Paonia, CO (KVNF)
Aspen, CO (KDNK)
Carbondale, CO (KDNK)

Cedar Falls, IA (KUNI)

Champaign, IL (WEFT)

Fort Wayne, IN (WJHS)

Morehead, KY (WMKY)

Lafayette, LA (KRVS)

Boston, MA (WMFO)

Bel Air, MD (WHFC)

Bangor, ME (WERU)

Grand Rapids, MN (KAXE)
Montevideo, MN (KKRM)

North Carolina
Greenville, NC (WGWG)

New York
Woodstock, NY (WDST)

Pittsburgh, PA (WYEP)
Philadelphia, PA (WXPN)

Moab, UT (KZMU)

Williamsburg, VA (WRRW)
Norfolk, VA (WRRW)
Farmville, VA (WXJK)

Montepelier, VT (WNCS)

Bellevue, WA (KBCS)

Madison, WI (WMMM)

Internet (WMS Radio)

To infinity and beyond!  Heh heh.

freezing in MN

By emith | January 29th, 2009

Well we did our little trip to MN for the Hardy Center show.  Got there and it was a balmy 28 degrees.  Watched the thermometer in the car rapidly descend…left and it was -7, on its way to an excruciating -30.  We definitely got crazy person points for making it to the show.  -7 felt like walking out and having someone smack you across the face with a bag of ice cubes.  It actually hurt.  Can’t imagine -30.  We had to get out of there before that happened…

But the show was great, lots of fun, really great venue, great sound.  Met lots of very sweet people.  We hope to get back that way in summertime…

very bad things

By emith | January 21st, 2009

Carol’s dad just made his final exit.  Stevie’s cat had to be put down. Death in wintertime.  Darkness upon us.

Not much else worth discussing about it in a public forum.  But…

Give your loved ones, human and animal, an extra hug when you see them.


album release date set!

By emith | January 2nd, 2009

At long last! “13 Seasons” is at last complete and manufactured and will soon be generally available online and in retail stores. We have signed with Burnside Distribution, which has an excellent reputation from everyone we’ve spoken with to date. The formal release date is March 17, 2009 – an auspicious launch date of St. Patrick’s Day! Stores in certain regions will be stocking the CD on the release date, and others will have it available as a special order. You will also be able to order it online at,, iTunes, and

Whether you pick up a copy online, at a show, or from a store, please be sure to write a (hopefully positive!) review on and/or CDBaby! Good reviews help other people find us.

We spent a lot of time and energy making sure we got the best possible quality on this CD…those of you who’ve been with us for a while know the caliber of the players and production value (click here to read about it) and we also slaved over the artwork and getting the best possible physical manufacturing quality.

We’ve already received some nice comments from journalists who’ve been able to listen to an advance copy. (click here to read some of them)

It’s been a long time in the making but this baby is ready to come out!

Pre-order is available now:

emith - 13 Seasons - front cover

emith - 13 Seasons - front cover

emith - 13 Seasons - back cover

emith - 13 Seasons - back cover

emith is on twitter

By emith | December 1st, 2008

okay omg we are finally getting to updating this newsblog.  first item of biz is that we are on twitter.  and our twitter posts are on this page too.  slowly entering the digital millennium.

come and “follow” us.