Everything you wanted to know about “13 Seasons”

For folks coming in towards the end of the story, here’s the rest of the enchilada, explaining all about the participants in the “13 Seasons” album project, and where we’re going next with it.

Who produced it

Sheldon Gomberg.  Bassist, producer, owner of Carriage House Studios in Los Angeles, and all-around excellent guy. Known for his work with, among others, Warren Zevon, Five for Fighting, Beck.  Read more about Sheldon here:  http://www.sheldongomberg.com/

Sheldon went over, above, beyond, inside, outside and sideways to help us get this project done.

Who engineered it

Sheldon and David Bianco.  David’s also a stellar talent (Santana, Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger, Natalie Merchant, Tom Petty, among others, in his list of experiences). See here for more info about David: http://www.mcdman.com/bianco.html

Who mixed it

Sheldon did “I’ll Follow the Sun.”

David Bianco did “San Bernardino.”

Gary Platt did all the other tracks.  Gary worked like the dickens, especially in dealing with many of the crazy-person requests we sent his way.  We are responsible for any hair loss.  Gary is known for his work with people like Sons of Champlin, Bon Jovi, The Cult, King Crimson, and Adrian Belew, among others.  Read more about Gary here: http://www.garyaplatt.com

Who mastered it

Joe Gastwirt.  Whose name is on probably half the major recordings that come out of Los Angeles every year.  Who also had to accommodate some very unusual issues for us stemming from the long odyssey of this project’s recorded tracks.  See if there is an album of any significance that Joe hasn’t had a hand in: gastwirtmastering.com

Who played on it

(in alphabetical order)

Scott Babcock – Orchestra Bells (Bryndle, Victoria Williams, Randy Newman, Lyle Lovett) - http://www.bryndle.com/site/scott.html
Stevie Blacke – Violin (Everybody…Madonna, Taylor Swift, Beck, Anna Nalick…) - http://www.stevieblacke.com/
Mike Bolger – Trumpet 
Cody Bryant - Banjo - http://www.codybryant.com
Luis Conte – Percussion (Everybody…Michael Jackson, Madonna, Phil Collins…) - http://www.luisconte.com
Danny Frankel - Percussion (Laurie Anderson, Beck, Jewel, Don Cherry) - http://www.trueclassicalcds.com/bandpages/frankel.html
Mark Goldenberg – Bells, Electric Guitar (Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Wendy Waldman) - http://www.markgoldenberg.com/
Sheldon Gomberg - Bass (Warren Zevon, Beck, Five for Fighting) - http://www.sheldongomberg.com/
Eric Gorfain  - Violin - www.ericgorfain.com
Probyn Gregory – French & English horns (Brian Wilson band) - www.myspace.com/probyngregory
Stevie Gurr – Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitars, Slide, Sitar, Lap Steel, Harmonica, Vocals
Kevin Haverty – Electric Guitar
Carol Ann Ives – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Kendall Kay – Drums (Kenny Burrell, John Faddis, Phil Upchurch, Rickie Lee Jones)
Neil Larsen – B3 Organ (Larsen-Feiten Band, Leonard Cohen, Greg Allman, Dr. John)
Phil Parlapiano – Keyboard, B3, Pump Organ (Rod Stewart, Lowen and Navarro, John Prine) - www.parlapiano.com/
V Smith – Cello
Karen Teperberg – Drums (Chris Botti, Jesse McCartney, Sting) - http://karenteperberg.fuzz.com/
Pete Thomas – Drums, Percussion (Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson, John Stewart) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pete_Thomas
Adam Topol – Drums, Percussion (Jack Johnson) - http://www.adamtopol.com/
Jeff Young – Piano, Keyboard, Organ, Wurlitzer (Sting, Jackson Browne, Shawn Colvin) - http://www.jeffyoungmusic.com/

Who did the album artwork (and other related artwork)

Doug Haverty, a multi-talented renaissance man with 25 years of design experience for major labels and movie studios.  Member of the faculty at FIDM (LA’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising).

Who took pretty pictures

Michael Becker, a LA-based, highly in-demand fashion and celebrity photographer, who has also had a significant career in the music industry: http://www.michaelbeckerphotography.com/

Who helped us get it together in other ways

Drew Daniels, Ed Cherney, Jennifer Condos, Jay Bellerose, Jon Dobson, Tim & Jyothi, Aleks & Michael, the Haverty clan (including the extended bits!), Macgillivray & Shona, Carolann & Greg, Paul Stinson, Catherine Friel, Estelle Depayre, John Bradley, Antonia Lamb, Lenny Laks, Andy A, Denise Diehl, Catherine Hazard, William Alfred Gurr, Hillel & Vici Resner, Russ & Julie Paris, Steve & Michele Dulson, Harlan & Margaret & Sarah Shapers, Larry Wines, David Rice, Rick Miller, Walker, Eric Schwartz, Genevieve, Jerry Peterson, Heath Haberlin, Steven & Mia Memel, Katie Guthorn, Rosemary Butler, John Lehrack, Whit Lehnberg, Tim Gaar, Rick Camino, John Lee Cooper, Ted Greene, Robin Sylvester, Dick Renko, John Goux, Bill Schrey, Jennifer & Nowell, Jeannette & Paul & Bridget Mullins, Harvey Citron, the Carneys, the Barrett family, the Danzigs, Brett Perkins, Bridget McMullin, Barry Smolin, Carlos Nino, Mark Maxwell, Billy Yates, Sam Dlugach, Lionel Sanchez, Vicki Betts, Bill Burnett & family, Al Polito, all the participants of the Inisheer Songwriters Retreat, Marco Marinangeli, Duff Ferguson, Annie Cat, Stephen Patt, Robert Matsuda, Al Davis, Holly & Herbert, Jeff Atteberry, Keith Shoemaker, Bill Tortorelli, Crawdiddy, Monte, JP Mosoff, Craig Najjar, Nick Federoff, Christine Murphy, Kim Waltrip, Kristin Rainey, Bobby Blunt, Tom & Suzanne, the Woodward family

…also, although not directly involved in this project, Stevie has a special thank-you to some of the following forces who have had a hand in shaping his musical perspective: Mac Rebennack, Elvin Bishop, Zigaboo Modeliste, William Moses Roberts, Nancy Cronburg, Judy Mayhan, Gene Parsons, Joel Scott Hill, Gene Clark, Chris Etheridge, Johnny Barbata

Where it was recorded

More places than we can remember. Original demo tracks were recorded, shaped, tweaked, or otherwise played with at David Rice’s facility in Venice, CA, and Mark Goldenberg’s and Jen Condos’ and Jay Bellerose’s project studios in the San Fernando Valley.  Production album tracking was entirely at Carriage House Studios in Los Angeles, with the exception of “Let’s Live for Today,” recorded at Indre Studios in Philadelphia and at Stevie Blacke’s studio in the Valley.

Where it was manufactured

Color Depot - Glendale, CA

and Tape Specialty Inc. (http://www.cdmanufacturing.com/) - Valencia, CA

Other businesses who helped make this project come to fruition

Freakbeat Records (Bob and Tom) , Real Guitars (Chris, Ben and Heath), Gary Brauer Instrument Repair, Renson’s Guitar Shop, Saga Instruments/Blue Ridge Guitars, Les Stansell Guitars, Victoria Amplifiers (Mark and Joanne), Budda Amplifiers (Scott Sier and Jeff Bober), New Image Graphics, Technovoice, Truetone Music (Ken, Paul, Kevin and Dave), Folk Alliance and FAR-West, TDPRI, The Mustard Seed Café (hello to the Right Reverend Roger!), Maz-Tech, MacCallum House Inn, California Guitars & Amps, Village Joe, Miya Sushi, Nancy’s Nails of Valley Village, Marvelous Nails (hi Tony) of Belmont, CA, Peet’s Coffee, Oliva Trattoria, Southwest Airlines, Hohner Harmonicas, Hering Harmonicas, Carlsen Subaru, Pacifica Radio, PC Tech (hi Eman), Best Friends Animal Hospital of Valley Village

What’s happening now

The record is being distributed through Burnside Distribution and will be available on March 17, 2009 (St. Patrick’s Day).

Pre-orders are available now at http://emith.com/site/merchandise/

A national press and radio promotion campaign is underway.

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