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Radio Stations we like

KPIG Pork Links - Listen Live

KPIG Pork Links - Listen Live

bands we like


  • Clare Muldaur - As featured on NPR. Now touring overseas and with My Brightest Diamond.
  • Genevieve - Lovely, piano-playing songstress
  • Joel Mercado
  • Lenny Laks - He wrote one of the songs we do in our live set! A terrific songwriter from Mendocino.


  • Houston Jones - Amazing acoustic players, now touring all over the place…you will not be disappointed.
  • Stone Honey - Americana, Rockin’ All-Star band. Good people.


  • Eric Schwartz - The master of raunchy comedy and deliciously sweet love songs.
  • Tomato Nation - Run by a friend who is one of the most wicked-funny individuals in the written word.


other sites we like
  • Bill Burnett’s SongMine - Fresh Songs Dug Daily - “It’s an Underground Thing”
  • Folk Alliance - The North American Folk Music and Dance Association. A highly-recommended, member-supported organization.
  • FreakBeat Records - The best and only record store in Sherman Oaks! Say hi to Bob, Tom and Seth.